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Advance  Hydrogen On Demand System For Fuel Efficiency And Emissions Minimization.

Reduce carbon Emission by 85%

fuel Saving 
Upto 25%*

AI Based Analytics

Special Safety
Avoid Hazards

Pioneering Hydrogen fuel technology for sustainable mobility

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in our planet and it only makes sense to use it as a fuel for the future of mobility. We have developed an Advanced Hydrogen On Demand System (AHODS) to eliminate all storage issues of Hydrogen fuel and make it feasible to be used in all types of vehicles safely. 

First part of sixth assessment report of IPCC.

earth-globe-water-fire-flame (1).jpg

"Climate Change 2021: The Physical           Science Basis".

Heatwaves and humid heat stress will become intense and frequent over southeast Asia in the last of 21st century. 

Both annual and summer rain will be higher than Long Period Average.....

Second part of sixth assessment report of IPCC.


"Climate change impacts, risks and   vulnerabilities, and adaptation options".

This report emphasized that over 3.5 billion people, over 45% of the global population, is living in areas highly vulnerable to climate change. And the report identifies India as highly vulnerable to climate change, several region and important cities is at the risk of climate disasters such as flooding, sea-level rise and heat-waves......

Third part of sixth assessment report of IPCC.


"Climate change impacts, mitigation and   adaptation options".

In 2019, global net anthropogenic Green House Gases (GHG) emissions were at 59 Gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (GtCO2e), 54% higher than in 1990. 

This emissions growth has been driven mainly by CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels ( vehicular emission) and the industrial sector, as well as methane emissions.......

"India And Its Commitment & Policy Toward To Mitigate Climate Disaster".

India's Glasgow summit

In 2021, India declared its targets at COP 26 in Glasgow to mitigate impact of climate change.

  • India will increase its non-fossil fuel energy capacity to 500 gigawatt (GW) by 2030.

  • It will meet 50 per cent of its energy requirements from renewable sources by 2030.

  • The total projected carbon emissions will be reduced by 1 billion tonnes from now through 2030.

  • The carbon intensity of its economy will be brought down to less than 45 per cent.

  • India will achieve its target of net zero by 2070

Grey Limbo
Dr. L.M. Das

Dr. L.M. Das

"Hydrogen is the fuel of the future. The sun uses it for fuel and humans have now figured how to use it for mobility".


 Saurabh Mohan Saxena
AHODS Technologies

"In this age of new fuel, Hydrogen will undoubtedly be at the forefront and will bring about a shift in the world".

Our Vision

Making India a technology leader by setting up Design, Development, ​Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Market for reduction in fossil fuel leading to a zero emission ecosystem.

Our Mission

To achieve 1 million fuel reduction devices in automotive and industrial applications profitably by 2025.​

Our Philosophy

Fostering and promoting use of science & technology to bring health and happiness in the lives of people. 

Our Strategy

Collaborate and create partnership . 

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